Most any dentist should be able to spot a the warning signs of a cavity, but do you know the warning signs if you’re between checkups?

The American Dental Association mentions these symptoms of a cavity:

  • Having pain in your tooth.

Any kinds of aches and pains you feel in your mouth that are abnormal could be a sign you are starting to get a cavity in one of your teeth. Scheduling a dental check up would be best.

  • Getting food caught in your tooth.

If some foods — like hard candy, breath mints, raisins and dry cereal — can get stuck in the grooves and crevices of your teeth, where they could cause decay. Fruit and yogurt, on the other hand, wash away easily with saliva and are, therefore, less likely to cause plaque buildup.

  • Feeling a rough edge on your teeth against your tongue.

When plaque builds up in your mouth, it leads to tooth decay. Plaque starts building up after every meal, and if it isn’t brushed away frequently, it can erode the hard, outer enamel of a tooth, resulting in tiny holes in the tooth’s surface. These holes mark the first stage of cavity formation.

  • Having a sensitivity to sugary foods, or hot and cold foods.

If your teeth hurt when you eat chocolate or other candies, or if you eat something really cold or hot, then your teeth enamel has started to wear away. These are warning signs of a cavity and it’s time to go see the dentist.

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