I signed up with the plan a few months prior. I had a few issues with some of the dental offices. When i contacted Prium Plans, I spoke with one of the Customer Service Representatives and she found out the dental work I needed done and called around to schedule an appointment with me. She made this painful dental experience a lot easier by helping me find a dentist who could do my extractions and fix my cracked tooth. I would definitely recommend Prium Plans if you need any assistance with dental.

Jessica Carter: Nashville, TN

I enrolled with your plan about 2 months ago and within those two months I have very expensive dental work that needed to be done. By using your plan I saved about $1000 altogether. I only paid $229.00 for the plan for a year and within 2 months of having the plan it has already paid for itself plus more. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with the plan and your company and would highly recommend.

Henry Koch: Jamison, PA

I joined Prium Plans about 6 months ago for the Dental and Vision plan. It's definitely helped my family, I included everyone in my household. I wasn't sure which dentist I wanted to go to so I called Prium Plans and Customer Service  helped me find a great dentist to go to. Saying that, I've saved more than what I purchased the plan for, and also have found a new dentist who is wonderful. The plan has helped me not only for Dental and Vision but for prescriptions, it's helped with my sons medication.

Tiffany Muse: Clayton, LA

I have had a wonderful experience with the plan. I was able to use the plan immediately for my husband who needed immediate dental assistance. I liked how everyone I spoke with was very professional and willing to help me locate providers. I would highly recommend them.

Brenna George: Santa Cruz, CA

I went to my dentist today after enrolling in the plan to get a cleaning and filling and saved almost $500. I was very surprised on how much of a discount I received with this plan. I am living on a fixed income and have very limited amount of money. I was shocked when I was quoted $19.95 a month for a dental and vision plan. I figured it was in my budget and I needed to visit my dentist so I purchased the plan and am very happy I did so. Without the plan I was unable to afford to see my dentist every 6 months like I  am told to do but now that I have this Prium Plans I can go every 6 months and afford it. Thank you Prium for being able to help with the low pricing of dental work.

Piper Lowry: Boise, ID

I signed up for the Prium Total Plan back in July of last year, and since, my husband, my son and I have all been to the dentist to use the card. My husband needed a root canal, and he ended up saving close to $300 with the plan. My son needed braces so his savings were over $1000, and I went for a simple cleaning and saved $50! Now since I paid $209 for the plan, it has absolutely paid for itself already, and I haven't even seen the eye doctor yet! I couldn't be any happier with the plan!

Alice Reid, Chicago IL

We were contacted and enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access plan. I was able to add my family members to my plan and it not cost any extra. We are on a very fixed income and were very satisfied with the prices we were given, and received a huge savings on the bridge work I needed and the crown my husband needed.  Not only were we offered Dental, but Vision and Prescriptions were also included in my plan.

I also wanted to let you know, the customer service department was very helpful with locating providers and answering any questions we had.  I would highly recommend your company to family members and friends.

Tanya Gillepsie, Denver CO

I recently went to the dentist after purchasing Prium Health Plans and received a huge savings on my dental work. With Prium Health Plans I paid $287 for an exam, cleaning, xrays and a filling, where without the plan I would have paid $747. That is almost a $500.00 savings, which was very helpful. I still have more dental work I need done and am excited to use the plan to receive more savings. I only paid $229.00 for the plan and was able to add my family without having to pay extra. My son also needed glasses. We went to Walmart and got a free exam and 25% off the glasses. The plan has been very helpful for my family!

Pamela Styles, 36, Bismark, ND

I have been a member with Prium Health Plans now for over a year and am very satisfied with the services and savings I receive. I needed some dental work and my husband needed some assistance with his hearing. With Prium Health Plans I saved an average of $400 savings on a crown, cleaning and x-rays. My husband was very surprised with the savings he received at Beltone. He received a free screening and saved $638.00 on his hearing aids. Not only that but also he received a year supply of batteries and the hearing aids came with a warranty in case something happened. This plan has been very helpful for me and my husband and am very glad my friend recommended this plan for us.

Samantha Parra, San Francisco, CA

I enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access plan over 3 months ago. I needed to see the dentist for bottom dentures. When I contacted my dental office I was given a quote of $3,000 which there was no way I would be able to afford on my fixed income. That is when I went online and found this plan with Prium Health. I then called my dentist back and provided them with the information I was given from Prium Health and the price went from $3,000 to $1,128.  I was very surprised with the price I was given with the Aetna Dental Access Plan. The savings overall is tremendous and I am just so happy I found out about this plan because I am able to have the dental work done and still be able to afford to survive. Thank you Prium Health for helping me with my dental expenses!!

Carol Greene, 41, Marionville, MO

This discount plan is OUTSTANDING! I found them online as I desperately searched for a Dental plan that would help us get my husband new front teeth when his were broken off.

If I added a rider to his Medicare they would take $54 a month, then ALLOW him to get the work done in 6 to 12 months! I looked online and called called Prium Health at random. The whole thing sounded to good to be true but, if I didn't like the plan, I could get a full refund. I paid about $200 for a full year, received 2 extra months free and coverage for MYSELF at no charge. They sent a confirmation email and membership information within 10 minutes. We used it THE NEXT DAY with zero waiting period! My husband's visit to Aspen Dental, and the price for the work he needed done, was scary. Root extractions, a temporary new upper partial while he healed and new permanent partial denture came to $2578! I gave the nice lady my notes with the membership numbers and she gave us the new price of $988! REALLY!!! The plan paid for itself eight times over and I didn't even have the card yet!

I need a root canal and crown too. I have dental insurance. With it I can have the root canal now but can't get the crown for 6 months because of the waiting period! With this plan, on top of my "insurance", I can get the whole thing done now and SAVE $1123 above and beyond my expensive insurance alone! No waiting, no hassle, budget friendly and a company that gives you exactly what they promised! Really!

Buy it, you'll LOVE it!!! (No, they didn't pay me to say ANY of this)

Ann Brown - Oklahoma City, OK